Olympic National Park – Part 2

After a relaxing and picturesque day around Lake Crescent and Hurricane Ridge we continued on with our journey. Stop 1: Rialto Beach, a beach full of really cool looking driftwood and islands. We spent about an hour here walking around and collecting rocks. But we actually spent most of the time gawking at the amazing […]

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Olympic National Park – Day 1

Fjellvant (Norwegian, adj.): Being accustomed to walk in the mountains. There is nothing more tranquil than exploring a national park with one of your great friends. A few weeks ago, I had the need to head out to the pacific northwest in search of adventure and that whole living authentic thing that Instagrammers love to tag […]

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Highlights of Utah

Utah was special, the scenery is a bit like Arizona but with its own flare. Zion National Park So Zion NP has been on my list of to-do’s for a while and of course since I was in Arizona the night before we jetted over the border to Utah! Our hotel was actually a few […]

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